Upon a little digging on the internet, it appears that this functionality is only on offer for Garmin users. Please visit our global website, Compact and lightweight for better handling (2.6 kg), More ground clearance for technical trails, Smooth, direct power to ensure youre always in complete control, Responsive, allowing for a smoother cut-off when pedaling above 25km/h, Quiet motor lets you enjoy the trails without distraction, Durable and weather-resistant for riding in all conditions, Customizable power and battery management with the E-TUBE PROJECT Cyclist Cyclist App, Streamlined mount position provides easy visibility, Connect wirelessly to the E-TUBE PROJECT Cyclist Cyclist or E-TUBE RIDE app, Retains 60% max capacity after 1000 full charge cycles, Quick charging to get you on the trails sooner, Internal mount options for sleek frame designs, LINKGLIDE drivetrains have been engineered to be more durable while delivering smooth shifting, Shorter cranks help prevent pedal strikes to maintain smooth cadence and motor assistance, Available crank lengths: 160mm, 165mm, 170mm or 175mm, Light and strong chainrings with DYNAMIC CHAIN ENGAGEMENT+ for improved chain retention on bumpy terrain, Chainring teeth options: 32T, 34T, 36T or 38T, Equipped on a wide variety of brands and models. Truly unfortunate you lost it. SHIMANO BIKE-EU The EM800 display features built-in Bluetooth and ANT+ wireless connectivity for pairing both your phone and a compatible GPS head unit, allowing you to display information such as battery life and remaining range. The ability to customize the boost is very useful, with Shimano's app you can dial it in to your preferences. Its easy to modulate via how much pressure youre putting through the cranks and the power delivery is progressive, giving it a very natural feel as a result. Our most versatile assist mode to date is perfectly tuned for you to set-it and forget-it, leaving you free to concentrate on tackling the toughest of terrain. So when the new version is so much better Refinement is all relative. Why don't you just make 10 be the top number and make that fully charged? I doubt that, based on my experience with the E8000 and 504 Wh battery. First revealed to the world in September of last year, Shimano EP8 finally arrived on the e-MTB scene as the successor to the very popular Shimano E8000 motor. - Strong but very well-tuned power delivery By Ralf Hauser I think the only way it can get even close (And still doesn't) to that statement, is riding 25km on an analogue, or 50km on an ebike. The thing is though, you do actually get used to that noise. I find the author of this article is overly picky. There are 5 levels of adjustment from Mild to Quick, with the highest setting requiring only a small rotation with light pedal force to engage the motor. THIS WEBSITE USES COOKIES TO IMPROVE YOUR USER EXPERIENCE. However, when coasting on rough terrain the unloaded system can exhibit a 'NORMAL' clicking sound that may be detectable to the rider. The maximum rider support was raised to 400%, compared to the E8000's 300%. My brain constantly struggles with whether 2 bars remaining means I have 21% or 59%I would prefer a continuous power bar or percent. And that's with the big heavy battery too. This can allow an easy transition between two different riders with different preferences, or it can be used to build a commuting mode and a mountain biking mode. I have this motor. A bit like chain slap when you don't apply force on the pedals. I have tested a few ones and to me best one is Specialized in terms of ridding feeling and refinement. I can concur with the range, it's not as good as I expected. The updated Trail mode is brilliant, and the option to fine-tune each assist mode is a welcome feature for achieving the desired feel while maximising range. I mean, one of the most beautiful things about the bicycle is how efficient and capable it is of traveling long distances under our own power. E5003 Cycling Computer I don't know anyone that likes a bike that rattles in any way or form. Shimano's EP8, short for DU-EP800, features a higher maximum torque of 85Nm compared to the older E8000's 70Nm, topping it by an extra 21%. Make it 100 mile range, and I'm in. I can only hear any motor rattling when I am doing really gnarly rocky downhill. Thank you for the info, so still king of the long travels is Levo - 700 battery + Levo SL with range extender. On my e8000, my impression was (now on a Trek Rail w a Bosch gen 4) that if you were at two bars, you were really at one, and if you were at one, youd better be a couple of blocks from home. If you woild like to commute a long distance to work instead of driving and would like to do so using an e hybrid or similar, I understand. You can improve efficiency by limiting the maximum torque, though it is still possible to get maximum power out of the motor by pedalling at a higher cadence, so you wont necessarily get more range by limiting torque. With 21% greater torque than E8000, the EP8 motor delivers substantially more punch on the trail, and it feels more usable too. SM-CRE80-B. While weve certainly been impressed by the power, ride feel and tuneability of the Shimano EP8 system, how does it stack up against the likes of Bosch and Brose/Specialized? Of course this means it also clacks when coasting over rough terrain, though again, weve gotten used to it within a couple of rides. On one ride with the Canyon Spectral:ON, the range estimation initially showed 25km. It also depends on the bike too. Most brains will be capable of doing this, as the noise in question isnt actually signalling a fault with the motor. 720 WH - 77,7 km 1.681 m elev. That rattle would drive me bonkers. I own the Levo SL, and it is the most refined ebike I have ridden so far. dont think people would fancy riding a fixie down a trail. As in, we totally forgot about it altogether. FEATURES. If I pull the E-trigger, it'll still be a Levo SL now that S has worked through the issues. Display integration is still the best on the market, even if it only shows five bars of battery level and could easily integrate some more user-friendly features. ON CFR with a 720Wh battery is 21.84 kg, 610g lighter than its 630Wh battery-rocking predecessor. At my age 69, if it isn't fun, exciting, and challenging, count me out! Put on i9 Hydra hubs, annoying motor rattle sounds disappears. Weve ridden the latest Bosch Performance CX Gen 4 motor on a variety of e-MTBs, including the Cube Stereo Hybrid 160 and the Trek Rail. You also need a special key to release the battery from the frame, which were not fans of, at least for a mountain bike anyway. THIS WEBSITE USES COOKIES TO IMPROVE YOUR USER EXPERIENCE. FEATURES Supports sleek frame design Same mount as current BT-E8035 Click on a component to learn more. Great for climbing, on the descents the weight changes how I ride, not better or worse. A single 630 watt-hour battery provides between 30 to 60 miles per charge, depending on conditions. Set as my REI. The frame itself is unchanged, but an adjustment to the receiver hardware allows the bigger 630Wh battery to fit inside the same downtube cavity. > - Can we have remaining battery displayed as a percentage please? Wait until you see how much work it takes to replace rear derailleur housing! It's like a dirt bike with a 15 mile range. Their new ride algorithms make the EP8 one of the most natural feeling motors out there, with plenty of power to propel the bike over obstacles, even if Bosch and Brose are still a bit punchier and deliver slightly more power. Also the bikes will be heavy as f*ck with an 820Wh battery. Limiting the maximum torque is something youll notice more at low cadences in high-load applications rather than general trail riding. I've spent some time on this motor and it's one of the first to feel organic in the way it adjusts to the rider's pedaling. Perfect? The svelte motor casing provides more clearance for the rear wheel and suspension components, allowing brands to build their bikes with shorter chainstays. The 630Wh battery is physically larger than than the previous 504Wh battery, though Merida obviously knew the bigger battery was coming when it launched the eOne-Sixty last year. Santa Cruz's 2021 Bullit electric mountain bike is built around 170mm of VPP rear wheel travel and Shimano's EP-8 electric motor with an in-built 630Wh battery. On top of that, Shimano also appears to be cool with brands building their bikes with non-Shimano batteries. . @tomdesoals: Ah, thanks I get it. Its worth noting that Bosch motor is only compatible with Bosch battery options though. you should ride slow with a good cadence. Its considerably bulkier than Shimano EP8, dominating the Levos frame profile while also putting limitations on rear wheel clearance. Don't all e-bikes feature walk assist? According to Shimano, the EP8 motor offers a 36% reduction in drag over the old E8000 motor, and were inclined to believe that claim. What settings you end up will depend on your personal riding style, and your expectations of range and power output. But would the noise stop us from recommending an EP8-equipped bike? If you don't like e-bikes for whatever reason, you really have no business even commenting on this review. In the lower settings, youll have to pedal really hard to get maximum support the motor. What ever happened to grit?!?! I have never posted a comment here on pinkbike, however this article in particular is hitting a nerve. Canyon has released a lighter, longer-range Spectral:ON eMTB with downtube capacity for a 720Wh or a 900Wh battery. I'm honestly flabbergasted that people complain about it tbh lol. As well as being smaller, lighter and more efficient, the new EP8 drive unit also packs more punch with up to 85Nm of torque, bringing it up to speed with the latest power plants from Bosch, Yamaha and Brose/Specialized. Sell it to me, bet ya cant specially at a respectable 90 keys. You miss that obscure offering from Specialized? The EP8 drive unit (DU-EP800) benefits the overall bicycle design and ride feel through a more natural and refined power delivery thanks to the lighter, quieter, more compact and powerful motor with increased range. Stab happy!". All I could find is that bike manufacturers are to hold off selling the EP8 until Oct/Nov while they addresses some final issues. Instead of a single assist ratio for each riding mode, the new algorithm constantly calculates the ideal assist ratio for the situation. (Subttulos en Espaol) - YouTube #ebike #emtb*** Subttulos en Espaol, pincha en ajustes***Sam's Bikes is a dedicated Ebike Mountain. - A little more overrun on technical climbs would be swell Address. Take note of how much elevation you achieve during those rides (elevation is more important than distance when determining range), and keep that number in mind when youre planning future all-day epics. Plus the prices will drop as the tech becomes cheaper and can be offered at lower prices. Probably more than some rattle. Shimanos experienced global mountain bike product development team made a ride-changing breakthrough with the new assist algorithm. Screen display options show detailed riding metrics in ECO, TRAIL and BOOST modes plus new functions including ride history, live maps, and user-friendly graphical updates. DISCONTINUED PRODUCTS, SHIMANO SERVICE CENTER | MANUALS & TECHNICAL DOCUMENTS | DISCONTINUED PRODUCTS, Privacy Policy | Cookies Preferences | Terms of Use | Legal info. Absolutely. IMO we're still in the pilot phase and have a lot of room for improvement. Shimano Cues - New 9/10/11 speed lower tier drivetrain components. Can we get reviews this in depth for regular bikes? In comparison, you can get a Polygon Mt Bromo N8 with a Shimano EP8 motor for $7,899 AUD. Both the E-TUBE PROJECT app and the E-TUBE RIDE app are now available to download from iPhone or Android app stores and are fully compatible with Shimano EP8. Im the worlds biggest ebike fan & I quite agree. Riders can save all of their settings as a profile in the E-TUBE PROJECT app and choose two of their favorite profiles to load onto the bike for easy access on the fly through the handlebar mounted display. If you got it set to Eco and the motor is using half its power, you might get at least 4 hours if it sucks up only about 125W per hour. Total power isnt quite as brutish as Bosch and Brose, but the real beauty about EP8 is that it retains the smooth and intuitive performance that we loved about the old motor. It even surpasses them in terms of noise (very quiet under load) and weight. So paired with Shimano's biggest 630wh battery it ensures the Bullit is fully equipped for . It's a similar level of feeling to Gen. It's really, really quite quiet. @tomdesoals: I don't quite get it though. If youre sprinting at speed, the Levo feels sticky and lazy in comparison to the drag-free EP8 motor. Hey Ralf Hauser!! At full charge in Trail mode it says range is 90km or so but I haven't put that to the test on more mellow trail days but am sure others have. Certainly of all the full-power motors weve tested, Shimano EP8 affords the most seamless feel as the power fades in and out around the assistance cutoff. For a mechanic, mechanical noise is a no-no by the end of the ride Id be destroyed mentally! I rode an e bike and suffered a little bit yesterday. system so what I'd like to see is if in a real world ride the increased battery capacity and reduced drag of the EP8 and 630wh battery lead to significantly greater range and vertical climbed. Drive unit weight: 2.6 kg compared to 2.9 kg for DU-E8000, 10-percent less volume compared to DU-E8000, Greatly reduced driving noise, quieter than DU-E7000, Improved heat management system provides more torque even in tough conditions, 177 mm Q-factor is centered in the frame for a normal MTB ride feel, Three different crank arm options are available to match various Shimano drivetrains, each. The 40 kg wieght difference will eat up the most battery because it constantly drags, no matter what cadence or assist mode. The EP8 system is compatible with Shimano's bigger 630Wh batteries. Weve noticed this while pedalling along forest double tracks and on the road to and from the trailhead, but its also apparent when sprinting along faster sections of singletrack. Not the first time Shimano has screwed the pooch with recent launches. This gives a very wide and flexible power band that does well to match what your legs are doing, making this the go-to, set-and-forget mode for proper off-roading. The EP8 (EP800) drive unit delivers smooth, direct power to ensure youre always in complete control while experiencing a natural ride feeling. ECO mode has also gotten much more economical thanks to the new algorithm as well. An e-Mtb allows me to ride farther, and more often and smile from beginning to end, not just the downhill sections! The cheapest Specialized Levo is the Expert model, which sells for just shy of $16K. Its also given us plenty of opportunity to identify all the little quirks, while getting a better impression of long-term durability and performance. *When compared with a standard Shimano EP8/630Wh battery combo. The biggest change has been with Trail mode, which now gives you access to the full 85Nm of torque if youre pedalling hard enough. Estimated range is 5125 feet for EP8 motor with 630wh So these results are shocking so this test needs to be repeated. . I weighed around 70kg and cadence was between 70-100rpm with mostly lowest gear and mostly asphalt. We're conveniently located at 1071 West Broad Street, where the W&OD Trail overpass crosses West Broad at mile marker 7 and one mile from the West Falls Church Metro stop. Aside from the sound of the clutch, everything else in the "CONS" list can be fixed with software updates. Sort Shimano Steps E6010 E-Bike Battery 36V 11.8Ah 418Wh Frame Bl . SpecializEd # levo SL is a great benchmark Have had a Specialized Levo & sold it due to making weird noises, so yes other manufacturers have problems too, not saying that is easy to get good reliability with new technology, but my Shimano e-8000 motor has been more reliable even is very wet weather! SHIMANO STEPS E8000 Chainring (Chain Line 50 mm) VIEW PRODUCT. Power less, battery smaller, it lighter is.. Would "every time you push the on switch" have been more understandable? Aim for a cadence between 70-90 RPM for maximum efficiency and response from the motor. The EP8 drive unit shape more smoothly integrates with new e-bike frames for improved ground clearance and a more compact overall package. Its a little different though, with Orbea detuning the motors power and assistance to improve efficiency so it can use a smaller and lighter 360Wh battery. No, the BT-E8036 Shimano 630Wh battery used in the Bullit is about 70mm longer than the 504Wh version used in the Heckler. And compared to E8000, the new EP8 motor is considerably more powerful on the trail, whilst retaining the smooth and intuitive delivery that weve always dug about Shimanos drive units. With the introduction of the new Shimano EP8 platform, the bar has been raised again with significant gains in the areas that matter to e-mountain bikers the most: . Along with the fault-free performance weve experienced so far, wed have no hesitation in recommending a bike built around Shimano EP8 this is a high quality and well-rounded e-MTB system. Also choose from a wide variety of crank, chain and chainring options. 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Otherwise I do not care. - Numerous battery options, both from Shimano & 3rd parties Furthermore, the range estimation is more accurate in our experience too. Just got my first 29er. Anyone knows what's are those white (ish) shoes the reviewer is using on some of the pics? Show more less. If you have a problem you can reapair it very quick. I found this beauty as an example: The reviewer weighs 55kgs. Weve been living with the Shimano EP8 motor for six months now across three different bikes; the Merida eOne-Sixty, the Polygon Mt Bromo, and the Canyon Spectral:ON. While some frames will resonate more than others, the noise is otherwise normal, and it doesnt take long before your brain subconsciously ignores it.